Attorneys urge probation for Zach Scruggs

Prosecutors have recommended probation for Zach Scruggs, who has pleaded guilty to knowing about the conspiracy and not reporting it to authorities.

Although Biggers sentenced other defendants in the case to the recommended sentence, there is no guarantee Zach will escape a prison cell, especially since the judge has questioned Zach Scruggs’ perceived lack of remorse.

In a sentencing memorandum, Zach Scrugg’s co-counsel, Todd Graves, a former U.S. attorney, said his client acknowledges he should have reported the bribery scheme to authorities.

“The defendant acknowledges that he should have reported these actions, and that this failure has cost him a federal felony conviction and the loss of a promising professional legal career,” the sentencing memo says.

This matter has further cast untold pain upon his expecting wife and young children.”

Zach Scruggs is also being represented by former Mississippi Attorney General Mike Moore.

The Mississippi Supreme Court will consider disbarment petitions against Dickie and Zach Scruggs in their July-August term.

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