Balducci apparently no longer a SAAG

Documents in the Eli Lilly case show that Joey Langston and William Quin of The Langston Law Firm are now putting their signatures on documents instead of Balducci. Quin and Langston are also Scruggs’ defense attorneys, and Langston’s office was searched this week by the FBI.

“The Langston law firm is handling the state’s case against Eli Lilly, and they will continue to do so,” said Geoffrey Morgan, chief of Hood’s staff, according to a report in the Jackson Clarion-Ledger. “To the best of my knowledge, Tim Balducci has not handled any part of the Eli Lilly case since Dec. 1, 2006, when he left the Langston firm.”

While at The Langston Law Firm, Balducci also represented the State in its case against MCI that resulted in $14 million in attorneys fees.

Bailey Perrin Bailey of Houston is also representing Mississippi and several other states in the litigation against Eli Lilly. It and The Langston Law Firm argued that the case should be remanded to Lafayette Circuit Court.

Judge Jack Weinstein called their argument “brilliant” but still refused remand, claiming the case is essentially the same as those filed by West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw and outgoing Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti. Eli Lilly’s attorneys did not oppose remand.