Legends of Mississippi tort crumble, one-by-one

The judge Langston implicated, Bobby DeLaughter of Hinds County, ruled in favor of Scruggs to end a 12 year fight over fees between Scruggs and attorney Bob Wilson.

DeLaughter made up his mind in a hurry after Langston and Balducci appeared as counsel for Scruggs.

Langston also implicated former Hinds County district attorney Ed Peters in the bribe.

DeLaughter used to work for Peters, as assistant district attorney.

According to Langston, Peters told DeLaughter he might secure an appointment as a federal judge if he ruled in favor of Scruggs.

Langston confessed the bribery to U.S. prosecutor Tom Dawson prior to a Jan. 7 plea hearing before Chief District Judge Michael Mills in Oxford.

“Langston agreed to pay Peters $50,000 in cash,” Dawson told Mills.

“The parties agreed that they would also divide any money over and above what Scruggs was willing to pay in the Wilson matter,” he said.