Hood won’t comment on State Farm motion

Even the most eye-opening, jaw-dropping allegations remain, merely, allegations until proven otherwise.

However, Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood on Wednesday refused to comment on statements made in a motion filed Tuesday by State Farm Insurance Cos. to disqualify every member of the former Scruggs Katrina Group from their Katrina cases.

The company claims a member of Hood’s office discussed the effects a criminal conviction could have on State Farm with regards to a civil settlement with a private attorney representing civil claims against the company.

Also, they claim the same Assistant Attorney General, Courtney Schloemer, wanted to prevent former engineer Brian Ford from being hired as a consultant with the SKG until he could testify in the criminal case.

“It’s shocking beyond words,” said insurance attorney David Rossmiller, a partner at Dunn Carney in Portland, Ore., who has been analyzing the Gulf Coast’s insurance situation for Legal Newsline.

“What’s detailed in the Brian Ford notes are two very, very shocking allegations: That the assistant attorney general was manipulating testimony before a grand jury and discussing using criminal prosecution to benefit one party’s civil litigation. It’s absolutely outstanding.”

Legal Newsline