LNL – Lawyers (who gave Jim Hood $75,000+) have motion hearing

Three state attorneys general who still have Zyprexa lawsuits against Eli Lilly & Co. will have their attorneys in Brooklyn federal court next month to argue their cases and possibly talk settlement.

U.S. District Judge Jack Weinstein, of the Eastern District of New York, has requested those representing Mississippi’s Jim Hood, Idaho’s Lawrence Wasden and Louisiana’s Buddy Caldwell be present Sept. 21 for arguments on three motions.

Lilly has filed for summary judgment in the Louisiana case, and pre-summary judgment conference will be held in the Mississippi and Idaho cases. Firms representing Mississippi and Louisiana have donated to the campaigns of the attorneys general in those states.

Mississippi is being represented by:

-Bailey Perrin Bailey of Houston, which has donated $75,000 Hood.

-W. Howard Gunn and Associates of Aberdeen, Miss., which donated $2,500 to Hood before the 2007 election; and

-William Quin of The Quin Firm in Jackson, Miss., who donated $3,000 to Hood while employed at Lundy & Davis in 2005.