Prosecutors call Scruggs’ motion “harassment”

Charles Sharp, Michael Rasmussen and Joel Williams, appointed by federal judge William Acker to bring the indictment, filed Wednesday their reply to Scruggs’ motion for an evidentiary hearing. Scruggs wants a probe to determine any ulterior motives the trio may have.

The three say those issues were already dealt with last year in a similar attempt by Scruggs.

“Once again, Scruggs has moved, without citing a case which actually supports his request, for an unwarranted examination of Judge Acker and the Special Prosecutors, seeking a laundry list of work product information, without any factual or legal showing,” the reply says.

“This harassment serves no value other than to distract attention from Scruggs’ own contemptuous conduct, for which a factual showing has been presented.”

Legal Newsline