Scruggs hopes for turnaround tomorrow

As added evidence of “ill-will” Keker asserts Mississippians feel towards his client, he pointed to Clarksdale attorney Charlie Merkel, who was cheerfully and attentively in attendance as a spectator for all three days of the motions hearings. Merkel is watching carefully, planning his civil attack against Scruggs for allegedly illegally influencing the outcome of the Wilson case wherein Balducci says that he helped Scruggs bribe DeLaughter.

After denying a change of venue, Biggers took under advisement Keker’s request that the defense may submit a questionnaire to prospective members of the jury pool.

U.S. Attorneys told Judge Biggers that the alleged bribery of Judge DeLaughter is now “under active investigation” by the Public Integrity section of the Justice Department.

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