Web site answers Hood’s argument on sealed State Farm settlement

Notably, Hood wrote that a judge couldn’t grant a motion to intervene once a case is over.

“But the plain fact is that this Court specifically retained jurisdiction over this matter, specifically to oversee the sealed settlement agreement,” JNM’s reply brief says.

“From the Court’s own language in the Judgment of Dismissal of this matter: ‘(T)he Court retains jurisdiction to enforce the settlement agreement between the parties.’

“The decision already made by this Court to retain jurisdiction is the best possible response to the cases which caused the Attorney General’s concern.”

The lawsuit alleged Hood was unfairly threatening the company with criminal charges to force it to settle the civil suit filed by Hood weeks after 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.

Shortly after Hood was forced to take the stand in federal court in Hattiesburg, the two sides reached a confidential settlement in Feb. 2007.

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