No. 2 Senate Republican Calls for Passage of Immigration Bill

The Republican, Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi, was not part of the bipartisan group of 12 senators who negotiated the ?grand bargain? on immigration with the White House. But on Wednesday Mr. Lott defended the deal, which has come under heavy fire from the right and the left.

?Is the current situation in America with legal and illegal immigration intolerable and unacceptable?? Mr. Lott asked. ?Yes. Everybody would agree. Is this bill better than the current law? Without a doubt, yes. Are we going to have another opportunity to do this better next year or the next year? The answer is no. We?ve got to do it. We?ve got to do it as good as we can. We?ve got to do it right now.

?The only thing that?s unacceptable is to do nothing,? said Mr. Lott, the Senate minority whip.

New York Times