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Hornets’ coach Byron Scott said his team needs a player who can help now, not three or four years from now.
“We’re looking for guys who can help us have a better season than we had last year and go a little further than we did last year,” said Scott. “We’re not in a situation any longer which we have been in the last couple of years — saying, ‘This guy can help us down the road.’ Well, down the road for us is now. It’s not three or four years from now.”

The Hornets worked our 40 players, but there wasn’t a Chris Paul in this draft, not at the 27th pick, which they sold to Portland. The Hornets wanted to find someone who could help them right away. At 27, they didn’t see that guy.

The coach and general manager Jeff Bower have targeted the players they are seeking in free agency.

“Jeff and I have talked about a list of guys that we would like,” said Scott. “We put them in the order that we would to pursue them. They are guys we feel can help us right away and give us another piece of the puzzle.”
Scott and Bower have prioritized their needs in free agency.
“We know what we feel is the biggest need for us as a team, said the coach. “But we feel there are three positions that can really help us. We feel like we can have a more athletic swingman, another backup point guard, and another big guy. A lot of things we are looking at are guys that can come off the bench and help us. You know how I felt about the bench last season — they weren’t very consistent. Our five starters are pretty solid. Off the bench, if Julian Wright and Hilton Armstrong can play the way I think they can play, and we get a free agent we want, I think we’re going to be a big time player again.”