Love is in air at UT for Orgeron, recruiting

ORLANDO, Fla. – Think Ed Orgeron is important to Tennessee’s future success?
Just ask Monte Kiffin.
“It was huge,” Kiffin said Friday shortly after being announced as UT’s defensive coordinator. “(UT coach) Lane (Kiffin) kept saying ‘The key, the key, the key is Ed Orgeron.’ ”

Securing one of the very best recruiters in the nation was worth repeating.
In many ways, Orgeron is UT’s ultimate insurance policy in the great Lane Kiffin experiment. Let’s theorize for a moment that Lane Kiffin doesn’t work out as head coach, that he’s more Raider than Trojan, and that his father just can’t relate to college athletes after many years in the NFL.
Albeit unlikely, in that worst-case scenario UT would have to make a change in the near future. As long as the Vols recruit clean, expect UT to be loaded with talent for the next guy – thanks to Orgeron.