Love the NFL? It’ll cost ya

Plain Dealer Reporter merica’s Game” is an American gold mine, with NFL ticket prices soaring like a Dave Zastudil punt caught in wind shear. The average NFL ticket has jumped about $5 a year for each of the past four seasons to a leaguewide $72.20 — up nearly 8 percent from last year. The range of ticket prices around the league is wide: At the low end, fans of the Buffalo Bills pay about $51, the only team cheaper than the Browns. The ceiling is about $118 per seat to watch almost-perfect New England — the first franchise to hit a triple-digit average ticket price. “Winning definitely matters,” said Jon Greenberg, executive editor of Team Marketing Report, a Chicago firm that has tracked ticket prices and other game-day expenses for the NFL and other pro sports since 1991. “You can always sell a winner.” The Patriots raised ticket prices almost 30 percent this season following a 16-0 regular-season run and gut-wrenching Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants.