BATON ROUGE — South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier has bought into the Cajun craze.

The “ole ball coach,” who is known for drawing plays up in the dirt, has copied a play from the staff of LSU coach Les Miles and named it “Cajun.”

The Gamecocks, who host No. 13 LSU at 7 p.m. Saturday on ESPN, scored the go-ahead touchdown in their 24-17 win at Kentucky Saturday on a tackle-eligible play that Spurrier calls “Cajun” because he saw LSU use it on a touchdown pass to tight end Richard Dickson in the Tigers’ national championship victory over Ohio State.

With regular right tackle Justin Sorensen lined up wide left with a group of receivers, regular tight end Weslye Saunders lined up tight on the right side where a tackle usually is, but he was an eligible receiver. He crouched down far so Kentucky would not notice his No. 88 jersey. He was all alone when quarterback Stephen Garcia hit him for an 8-yard touchdown and the lead in the fourth quarter.

South Carolina players told reporters on the field after the game that the play was called “Cajun.” When asked about it later, Spurrier said, “Who told you that?”

Spurrier then explained that he got the idea from watching LSU offensive coordinator Gary Crowton use it in the national championship game.

“Hopefully, they don’t see he (Saunders) is an end,” said Spurrier, who has been practicing the play since the spring.

“It was just wide open,” Garcia said.

MILES MIXED FEELINGS: Miles expressed sympathy for fired Clemson coach Tommy Bowden on Monday after his weekly press luncheon.

“Isn’t that a shame,” Miles said. “It hurts the players more than anything when it’s in the middle of the season like that. I understand why because they want to open the gates wide and get as many applicants as they can. I understand that. But I think that there should be concern for the players and for the next game. That’s what it really hurts.”

Miles then praised Clemson athletic director Terry Don Phillips, who fired Bowden.

“I know their AD is a good guy,” Miles said. “I’m sure he thinks he’s making a great decision for the future, and thinks it’s the right thing to do.”