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Ohio Governor John Kasich says Calisolar moving to Mississippi based on friendlier economic climate

JACKSON – In a one day session, legislators approved a bill that will bring 1,800 potential jobs to Mississippi.

Mississippi is becoming a top site for high-tech, high-skilled manufacturing, and Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant said this is not by chance but from providing an environment where business can expand.

“Job creation is a top priority of mine,” Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant said. “While it’s clear that government does not ‘create’ jobs, we are in a position to provide the right environment where businesses can grow, hire more workers and provide more opportunities for everyone.”

According to a recent report, Ohio was in the running for one of the companies that Mississippi has attracted. Calisolar, a California based company that produces silicon castings for solar panels and other industrial purposes, will be located in Lowndes County and investing more than $600 million and employing 950 people.

Ohio Governor John Kasich said at a recent speech the reason Calisolar picked Mississippi is because of a friendlier economic climate, according to the Mansfield News Journal.

“I have a simple belief that if you provide a willing economic climate, they will come,” Bryant said of the news of additional jobs coming to the state.

The Senate also approved legislation providing incentives for HCL CleanTech a biofuels company that will convert pine trees into various types of sugars that will be used in products such as animal nutrition, cosmetics, and even fuel.

The company will move its Virginia-based corporate offices to Olive Branch and will build four facilities throughout the state including Grenada, Booneville region, Hattiesburg region, and the Natchez region.

HCL CleanTech will invest $1 billion and will create 800 jobs with an average salary of $67,000.

From Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant press release