Senate Elections: where bills go to die

In the Mississippi Senate, elections bills aren’t sent to the Senate Elections Committee for debate and passage. They’re sent there to die.

Senate Elections didn’t even hold a meeting this legislative session….

…Reeves after he was elected in 2011 appointed McDaniel chairman of Elections.

Last week he said: “Clearly when I made the selection in 2011 I could not have foreseen everything that has transpired over a four-year period. If I am fortunate enough to get re-elected in 2015, then I will have another shot at the apple in terms of naming committee chairmen who are interested in passing good public policy.”

As for other measures being killed in the Senate under his leadership, Reeves says he takes a minimalist approach to legislation.

“There are a couple of thousand bills that didn’t make it out of committee,” Reeves said. “The House tends to pass more than the Senate does … The approach I take to legislation a lot of times is that Mississippi has been a state for 198 years, and if we have made it this long without a particular law being on the books, we can probably make it another year without it.”

Clarion Ledger