Tate Reeves: Education a major element in economic growth

Mississippi is making strides toward creating a more favorable environment for attracting and encouraging new business and industry to locate in the state, but more needs to be done, especially in the field of education, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves said.

Education, Reeves told the Vicksburg Kiwanis Club Tuesday, is one of the three areas Mississippi must improve if it plans to have a strong economic future and provide jobs for is residents.

“If we’re going to improve the overall economic output of our state, we must also improve the overall education attainment level of our citizens,” he said.

He said the state has increased education spending by about $400 million a year for elementary, secondary and higher education. And while state officials need to continue that investment, they also need to reform Mississippi’s education system.

One way, he said, is by consolidating school districts.

Vicksburg Post