BRIAN PERRY | Reeves: Hood ‘auditioning for Hillary’s attorney general’

Ongoing political chatter about a potential 2019 gubernatorial race between Republican Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves and Democratic Attorney General Jim Hood was proved true at last Wednesday’s speeches at the Neshoba County Fair. Reeves closed out the political speeches taking pointed shots at Hood.

He said when Hood and his friends were in Philadelphia, Penn., at the Democratic National Convention, “I was here in Philadelphia, Miss. He was working to make Hillary Clinton President while I was here working against Hillary Clinton.”…

…“He’s even equated Mississippians with fools. And why does he think you are fools? For wanting us to protect your First Amendment Rights to practice your faith without being harassed by big government. He sounds to me like he’s auditioning to be Hillary’s attorney general.”

Neshoba Democrat