Lt. Gov. travels to Natchez talks to state constables

“Government does not create jobs,” Reeves said. “Government creates the environment that encourages the private sector to create jobs.”

The past legislative year has been one of the most pro-business years in the state, Reeves said, with the passage of tax cuts for small businesses and legislators working to keep the state regulatory environment from placing an undue burden on the private sector.

“I always ask, ‘Is this bill going to create that environment in our state that encourages the private sector to invest money and create jobs in our state,’” he said.
The way to do that is working in a bi-partisan matter, with all parties being involved in the process, Reeves said.

“I believe that at the end of the day, the best legislation to come out of Jackson is that which allows each member to have an opportunity to have their opinion heard,” he said.