JACKSON – Today the Mississippi Senate and House leadership tentatively agreed upon a nearly $6 billion state budget for 2010. The issue of funding Medicaid with reoccurring revenue sources remains unresolved. However Lt. Governor Bryant was pleased with the progress emphasizing a budget that uses real numbers, does not anticipate the Governor having to make further cuts in general services for 2010, and moves $60 million forward to 2011.

“This budget has taken a lot of hard work and time but it has been worth the fight,” Lt. Governor Bryant commented. “The three principles that I have continued to talk about are a cornerstone to this balanced budget. Principles for a balanced budget include a need to use real numbers, does not force the Governor to make further cuts in basic services for 2010 and setting aside $60 million for 2011.

We are continuing our work to fund Medicaid at a reasonable amount. This is the last step in completing the budget process before the end of the fiscal year. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of the Senate and House budget chairman through this very challenging process.”

The balanced budget was independently reviewed by the LBO (Legislative Budget Office) for its accuracy. The Mississippi Senate will reconvene at a time set by the Governor in his call to a special session.

Lt. Governor Phil Bryant