LTE – Taylor votes only for bills close to him; Miss. needs a strong Taylor contendor

When I opened my Hattiesburg American and The Clarion-Ledger this morning, I was greeted by front page stories about our Rep. Gene Taylor leading the opposition to the health care reform bills being debated by our legislatures.

I am not some sort of seer, but even though I have voted for Gene Taylor and contributed to his campaign, however not recently, I have come to the conclusion that the Honorable Mr. Taylor only votes for things that affect him personally.

He does not need a break on health care because he has the best policy in our country being paid for by you and me, the citizens.

I had this rude awakening in the aftermath of Katrina when Mr. Taylor rolled up his sleeves, engaged his brain and went to work to aid the Coastal victims of Katrina.

Then, I learned why this effort. His house had been washed off the slab and destroyed.

With an election coming up in 2010, I hope a strong candidate will emerge, it matters not what party, I will vote and hope my chosen candidate is a winner.

Helen B. Short
Letter to the Editor of the Hattiesburg-American