Taylor, Blue Dog Dems and Americans

I have been watching the continued excitement over Gene Taylor and the Blue Dog Democrats.

What have these “conservatives” done for the benefit of America? The conscience they showed over the last few weeks was brought on by one series of events.

These events were based on American citizens letting Gene Taylor and the Blue Dogs know that their representation is about to be terminated. A few have already sold out their districts for today’s equivalent of 30 pieces of silver, or in today’s vernacular, “Let’s make a Deal.” I sincerely believe Gene Taylor is above selling out.

What have these democratic conservatives done to the detriment of America? Gene Taylor and the Blue Dogs have allowed, since Democratic control of Congress in 2006, approval of TARP funds, the stimulus package, the costliest budget in the history of the world, Cap and Trade, allowed creation of over 40 czars taking Constitutional authority from Congress without a whimper, allowed cancellation of contract law allowing unsecured creditors (unions) to take precedent over secured title holders, allowed takeover of American business without complaint, allowed control of the banking system, allowed the Federal Reserve to run amok.

If Gene Taylor and the Blue Dogs expect to go back to Congress, they have the ability to do so. They need to accept that a conservative Democrat is an oxymoron. They need to leave the party now and join any other party that will have them.

They need to publicly denounce the leftist liberalism of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Henry Waxman et al. Gene Taylor and the Blue Dogs must go to the American people on a continual basis and let them know when they are offered a deal for a vote and provide some of the “promised” transparency that we have yet to see.

Gene Taylor and the Blue Dogs need to be true to those that they proclaim to represent. Only then will there be a chance for their re-election.

Dan Lindsay

Hattiesburg American