Use real facts when discussing illegals

For decades Mississippi has been at the bottom of every economic and social indicator used to measure the health of a state. Now, however, thanks to Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant and Rep. Chris McDaniels, we know who to blame for this dismal showing. It’s the Hispanics, stupid.

According to the lieutenant governor, there are 70,000 Hispanics living in Mississippi costing the state $20 million. But consider the following:

1. 2005 estimates of total taxes and fees paid by undocumented workers is $1.58 billion.

2. 2005 estimates of total public services used by undocumented workers is $1.16 billion. If the lieutenant governor will bother to do the math, he will see that the nation is ahead by $.42 billion.

You can tell an election is coming up when politicians begin searching for an issue that will take the voters’ minds off their lackluster records.

Hattiesburg American
Aug. 12