CLARKSDALE, MS — Bill Luckett called Phil Bryant out today for his flip flopping votes on increasing the sales tax in Mississippi.

“Phil Bryant is a career politician who isn’t happy unless you’re paying higher taxes to fund his perks and pension,” said Luckett. “I’ve been talking for months about cutting the grocery tax to make things just a little bit easier for the working men and women of this state. Phil Bryant doesn’t care. He voted to raise your sales tax, and he doesn’t think we need to cut the grocery tax. We can’t afford four more years of Phil’s foolishness.”

On Apr. 23, 1992, Phil Bryant voted to pass SB 3120. That bill would have raised the state sales from 6% to 7%, bringing in an additional $166 million into state coffers. He later voted against the Conference Committee Report on the bill and then to sustain Gov. Fordice’s veto, but he never disavowed his vote to raise taxes on Mississippians by $166 million on everything from chewing gum to ammunition to choir robes.

Luckett continued, “Phil Bryant was for raising the sales tax before he was against it. Mississippi has enough weather vanes. Mississippi needs a leader who knows that the right way to go isn’t always the way the wind blows. It will be hard to get the political insiders in Jackson to cut the grocery tax. Everybody knows that. Everybody also knows that I’m the only one running for Governor who can get it done.”