Luckett’s Progress for Mississippi raises $407,289.02 in 2009

Luckett’s Progress for Mississippi raises $407,289.02 in 2009

Statement on 2009 Fundraising Activities for Progress for Mississippi

Clarksdale, MS – Today marks the reporting deadline for all candidate committees and political action committees in Mississippi. Democrat Bill Luckett issued the following statement in anticipation of the Secretary of State’s release of the Progress for Mississippi’s annual report:

“I have been sitting down and listening to Mississippians for over a year, and they are quick to share with me their thoughts and their hopes for Mississippi. Just as importantly, they share with me their deep concerns about the way things are going in our state. There has been an overwhelming response from fellow Mississippians who have joined me at Progress for Mississippi.”

“At this point, 80% of the $407,289.02 raised has come from folks who call Mississippi home. Our supporters are from all walks of life in our state. They are business owners, young professionals, farmers, and retirees who are happy to see a fresh perspective being offered. I am also proud to point out that the vast majority of our contributors are individuals, and not corporations. Those individuals represent their families and their communities, and only want a government that will serve them fairly and honestly. They are not looking for political favors or special treatment. The fact that more than half of the donations to Progress for Mississippi were from donors who sent in small donations of $200 or less is further proof of that fact.”

“We’re excited about our efforts so far. And we’re excited to know that our supporters are people from the northern most reaches of this state, all the way to the Gulf Coast. Just as important, what we have done so far is just a beginning. I am looking forward to hearing from more Mississippians in the coming year. “