Could Delbert Hosemann be the GOP governor Democrats vote for?

It is believed that Attorney General Jim Hood, a Democrat, would give any Republican candidate a good run for their money, as in political contributions, in a race for governor. Yet, Hood remains coy about his aspirations, leaving Dems out in the cold for a suitable candidate unless one suddenly appears on the horizon.

The idea has been that if they had to stomach another Republican holding the reins of power in the state, Hosemann was their nose-holding choice. Elected officials on both sides have always seemed to like the way he has shot straight with his opinions and suggestions. He held the right education background with an undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame and a law degree from Ole Miss. His gentlemanly, suave and debonair persona, enhanced by his smart dress, deeply serious-sounding voice and easy smile, gave a him a heady presence matched by few other modern-day Mississippi politicians.

Mac Gordon
Clarion Ledger