Mad at Sports, and Mad at the World

It’s hard to be a sports columnist these days. We are supposed to bay at the moon over the burning issues of the day, maybe inept trades or expensive free-agent signings or the terrible injustice of the Bowl Championship Series.

But then I see people lobbing rockets at each other and lunatics killing innocents in the hearts of cities, and it’s hard to be edgy over something as trivial as America’s not having a college football playoff.
Normally, when all else fails, I can work up some bombast about naming rights for stadiums, like the one in Queens, where a tottering bank that we are now supporting still has its name on the new ballpark. But lately, I don’t have much heart for that issue after reading that the Mets’ ownership, Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz, were — how can one say this? — affected by the amoral swindler Bernard L. Madoff.