EDITORIAL/Dave Dennis for Governor

Mississippi is fortunate to have had a truly exceptional leader like Haley Barbour in the Governor’s Mansion the last eight years to insist on, among other things, protecting the state’s rainy day fund. Like Barbour, Dave Dennis won’t be afraid to take a stand on principle when that’s best for Mississippi. We fully expect Dennis to be able to build the necessary coalitions in the Legislature as well.

We wanted to go ahead and throw our support behind Dave Dennis a little earlier than usual because we’ve been watching since last July. As we did then, many voters are starting to like what they see and hear. Madison will be a pivotal and influential county.

Dave Dennis’ practical, conservative, business-like approach is getting a lot of attention. Conservatives who meet Dave Dennis like him.

Dave Dennis is a businessman, not a career politician beholden to the political establishment. No one owes him anything politically, so he’ll be free to make his own decisions that are best for Mississippi and not his political chums. We find Dave Dennis’ independence refreshing.

To be sure, we don’t have anything against Phil Bryant. He’s served our state honorably since being elected to the state House 20 years ago, ascending to the office of State Auditor and then Lieutenant Governor. He’s surrounded himself with some good people and put forth some good policies, particularly with regard to government reform and accountability.

But Dave Dennis’ 34 years of private sector experience simply puts him at the top of the pack in this gubernatorial primary race, in part because the next few years are not going to be a cakewalk financially for our state.

Madison County Journal