Thad Cochran for Senate

Those who don’t believe Sen. Cochran has the mental capacity or physical stamina to serve are misguided. We met with Mr. Cochran in March and can vouch for his competence and wit. The Senator is perfectly able and his staff is more than capable.

Mr. Cochran isn’t the problem, it’s 50-plus years of liberalism that’s bankrupting the country and putting people out of work along with the more recent failed policies of the Obama administration.

American businesses are suffocating under an increasing choke hold of regulations. With the slowest economic recovery ever, worsening government scandals such as the Veterans Administration, people dropping out of the workforce at record levels, does anyone truly believe big government works best?

Harder still to tackle but necessary if we are to survive as a Republic, programs like Social Security, Medicare, home financing and student loans desperately need reform. They continue to rack up huge future liabilities that threaten the stability of the U.S. economy and the underpinnings of the middle class.

We have all kicked the can down the road for decades. The difference now is that the cliff is rapidly approaching and there is not much road left beneath our feet.

The dirty truth is, federal dollars help fuel the Mississippi economy. For every $1 Mississippi sends to Washington, the state gets $3 back. We’re not proud of that, but we haven’t seen Mr. McDaniel’s plan to reduce that return.

Mr. Cochran’s seniority as chairman of appropriations will mean the most when Republicans take back the Senate in 2015, so it’s important he’s re-elected. Hope remains for overall fiscal and regulatory reform when Republicans gain both houses of Congress.

Channeling anger over term limits to this race will only put Mississippi at a disadvantage. Any honest Republican who has served in Congress the last decade and a half – Mr. Cochran included – should admit they haven’t done enough to cut spending or reduce the $18 trillion national debt. Americans want change.

Government is the enemy of liberty

The political reality is that Mr. McDaniel can’t win the general election against a Democrat, mainly because of that controversial talk radio past. Liberals saw to it long ago that tea party carries a bad connotation, especially among Democrats, particularly when it comes to race. Mr. McDaniel delivered.

Mr. Cochran’s experience is most important. He is by far the better candidate, although both are equally good men.

Government is the enemy of liberty. Re-elect Thad Cochran and don’t hand the Senate back to big-government Democrats.

Vote Thad Cochran for United States Senate in the June 3 Republican Primary.

Madison County Journal Editorial