The Madison and Jackson police departments are looking into a shoving match that took place between officers in both departments over a suspect in a theft.

The incident took place at Cedarstone Apartments on Keele Street in north Jackson on Friday when an unnamed Jackson police officer took issue with Madison Detective Alex Slaughter’s decision to place a 17-year-old suspect in handcuffs, Madison Police Chief Gene Waldrop said. Slaughter was investigating the theft of a pistol from the home of another Madison police officer.

“While at the apartments, the investigator with the Madison Police Department placed handcuffs on an individual during a consensual search of the apartment,” Waldrop said in a written statement. “This was done as an officer safety issue with the possibility of a loaded firearm being in the apartment.”

Jackson Assistant Police Chief Lee Vance said the disagreement was over whether Slaughter had probable cause to arrest the young man. “There was no warrant for his arrest,” Vance said.

Supervisors for both departments were called in to break up what both sides describe as a brief physical altercation, which is being treated as a personnel issue.

The suspect was not arrested and the theft remains unsolved.

Clarion Ledger