Message from District Attorney Michael Guest
Promises Made. Promises Kept.

It has been my honor and privilege to serve you as your District Attorney for the past four years. Thank you, citizens of Madison and Rankin Counties, for this opportunity. I believe the criminal justice system is most effective when the District Attorney’s Office and law enforcement officials work together to keep our communities safe. During my first term in office, my staff and I developed close working relationships with law enforcement officials in Madison and Rankin Counties and throughout the metro area in an ongoing effort to fight the “war on crime.”

As you will see in the statistics provided, the District Attorney’s Office has drastically reduced the backlog of felony cases that have appeared on our dockets. We have prosecuted thousands of cases, which have been resolved through guilty pleas and trials. The swift handling of these cases, along with the penalties imposed, serve as a strong deterrent to criminals in our Counties.
I hope this newsletter provides you with a summary of what your District Attorney’s Office continues to do to serve the citizens of Madison and Rankin Counties. I am proud to report on the dispositions of some of the cases that my office has prosecuted during my first term as your District Attorney. I look forward to the next four years of service, as my staff and I continue to actively prosecute crime in Madison and Rankin Counties.

Cases Closed During 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011:
Madison County: 4,590
Rankin County: 5,780
Total Cases Closed: 10,370

Major Cases closed:
• Robert Hillard, sale of cocaine, 30 years to serve.
• Tommy McCrory, sexual battery, 30 years to serve.
• Edward Myers, armed robbery, 30 years to serve.
• Peter Grossley, armed robbery, 30 years to serve.
• James David Medlock, dui death, 30 years to serve.
• Paul Jones, statutory rape, 30 years to serve.
• Michael Maye, statutory rape, 30 years to serve.
• James Walker, sale of methamphetamine, 32 years to serve.
• Walter Tard, armed robbery, 35 years to serve.
• Marcus Ollie, manslaughter and possession of a firearm, 35 years to serve.
• Jimmy Mitchell, sale of cocaine, 40 years to serve.
• Leshea McKinnis, possession with intent, 40 years to serve.
• William Harper, sale of cocaine, 40 years to serve.
• Thuan Van Tran, sale of MDMA, 40 years to serve.
• Tonya Gann, dui mayhem, 40 years to serve.
• Martez Harris, manslaughter and drive-by-shooting, 45 years to serve.
• Chris Stapleton, sale of cocaine, 50 years to serve.
• Jimmy Mitchell, sale of cocaine, 50 years to serve.
• Wesley Archie, sale of cocaine, 60 years to serve.
• Dwayne Boyd, sale of cocaine, 60 years to serve.
• Dennis Beale, sale of cocaine, 60 years to serve
• Gregory Hollins, sale of cocaine, 60 years to serve.
• Kirby Shavers, kidnapping and rape, 65 years to serve.
• Kirk Mayers, aggravated assault on law enforcement, 88 years to serve.
• Jermaine Mitchell, sale of cocaine as a subsequent drug offender, 120 years to serve.
• Jason Flores, murder, life in prison.
• Daniel Barber, murder, life in prison.
• Tyrone Vaughan, murder, life in prison.
• Anthony Perez, murder, life in prison.
• Corey Sims, murder, life in prison.
• Chandle Hobson, murder, life in prison.
• Billy Ray Corken, murder, life in prison.
• Jerry Durr, murder, life in prison.
• Joseph Reith, murder, life in prison.
• Robert Harvey Jr., murder, life in prison.
• Greg Wilder, murder, life in prison.
• Mack Watts, murder and aggravated assault, life in prison plus ten years.
• William Tackett, murder, two consecutive life sentences.
• Phillip Earl Young, felony evasion and automobile burglary as a habitual offender, life without parole.
• Jerry Whitlock, automobile burglary as a habitual offender, life without parole.
• James Skinner, felony evasion as a habitual offender, life without parole.
• Jermaine Stephenson, capital murder, life without parole.
• Carla Hughes, capital murder, life without parole.
• Clarence Jones, murder and auto theft, life without parole plus ten years.
For information on additional major cases closed, please visit and visit the Community News section.
Two Sheriffs Retire:
Following many years of public service, Sheriff Ronnie Pennington and Sheriff Toby Trowbridge chose to retire as the chief law enforcement officers for Rankin and Madison Counties. These outstanding individuals leave a legacy of dedication and hard work in their respective communities and across the State. My thanks to these great men for their leadership and devotion to the criminal justice system.

Working to Keep Drug Money off our Streets:
Our office continues to work with local law enforcement agencies in Madison and Rankin Counties to keep drugs off of our streets. In addition to sending drug dealers to prison for the sale of illegal narcotics, we assist law enforcement in the seizure of property or money that is used by those selling or transporting narcotics. I am pleased to announce that over the last four years we have worked with our sheriffs’ departments, police departments and the Mississippi Highway Patrol to seize and forfeit 213 vehicles and more than $8,000,000.

The District Attorney’s Bad Check Unit:
The District Attorney’s Bad Check Unit continues assisting local merchants to recover funds from bad check writers. The Bad Check Unit has worked diligently to track down and prosecute these individuals who have stolen from our businesses. Since I have been in office, we have been successful in recovering more than $2,175,000 in bad checks and fees. For more information about our Bad Check Unit, please visit

District Attorney Public Service Programs:
Over the last two years we have launched two public service programs, and we are extremely proud of their success. The first program is a campaign designed to warn would-be criminals of the consequences of their crimes. Throughout the district, we have placed information at local businesses warning people of the jail time they may receive if they use a weapon in the commission of a robbery or if they attempt to defraud the business by writing bad checks.
The second program is the District Attorney’s Most Wanted. This program is a partnership with WJTV that highlights criminals who have failed to appear for court and have outstanding indictments or warrants for their arrest. Through tips called in by area viewers, law enforcement has captured more than 50 wanted felons since this program’s inception. For more information about either of these programs, please visit

Operation Brilliant Orange:
In 2011, following an extensive investigation, a drug task force consisting of state, federal and local law enforcement succeeded in dismantling a drug trafficking organization that was bringing MDMA into the country to be sold on the streets of our college campuses. This organization was also responsible for setting up indoor marijuana grows throughout the United States. This investigation resulted in numerous individuals being arrested throughout Mississippi. In Rankin and Madison Counties, more than a dozen arrests were made, which included the alleged mastermind of the drug trafficking organization.

Working to keep you informed:
We have worked hard to keep the public informed of the accomplishments of your District Attorney’s Office. I am pleased to announce that in addition to this newsletter and our website, you may now to receive information about the District Attorney’s Office on Facebook and Twitter.
We encourage you to visit us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.


Once again, thank you for the opportunity to serve as your District Attorney, and feel free to contact my office if we may assist you. As I look toward to the next four years, I pledge to the voters of this District to continue to work diligently, along with others in the criminal justice system, as we strive to ensure that Madison and Rankin Counties remain great places in which to live, work and raise our families.

Madison Rankin DA Michael Guest