Mailbag: They play football outside the SEC

In two months, all questions will be answered. The BCS championship game will be played and we’ll know without question the best team this season.

Or will we?

No matter who prevails in Pasadena, Calif., there still may be an emotional debate over the best team in the country – especially if there are multiple unbeaten teams.

Indeed, the debates already have begun. Seven teams remain unbeaten and some one-loss teams, such as Oregon, seem to be improving weekly.

Several teams could make an argument for college football supremacy. But make a case for one outside the SEC and the argument can turn ugly, as we’ll see in this week’s mailbag.

Texas doesn’t belong in title game

From Bill in Warner Robins, Ga.: Did I sleep through it or did Texas’ swagger (Texas shows power, substance in pounding OSU, Nov. 1) include a desperation tackle to keep Oklahoma from winning? Or have I misunderstood that they have played zero top-10 teams to date and the Big 12 bears a closer resemblance to Conference USA than to a BCS conference? And they beat Oklahoma State with the Cowboys’ best receiver sidelined. I hope you [expletive deleted] get what you want – a matchup between them and LSU, Alabama or Florida. Can you comprehend what barbecue means? The SEC teams would beat Texas by four touchdowns, minimum. Just for the record, in the real world, the standings are Alabama, Florida, LSU, Cincinnati, TCU and then maybe Texas, which would lose to Arkansas – see Texas A&M game if you need a reminder – and probably to Auburn, Tennessee and Mississippi as well. The new title for the BCS championship game is the SEC Invitational. Too bad Texas can’t play Boise State. They might win that one.
Yes, Oklahoma State was without WR Dez Bryant in last week’s 41-14 loss to Texas. But the Cowboys were without Bryant for four previous games and scored more than 30 points in each.

And Texas could have lost to Oklahoma had QB Colt McCoy not made a tackle on a late interception, but that tackle was hardly desperation. Besides, if you want to play the “what if?” game, you could ask what if McCoy hadn’t lost a fumble into the end zone. Bottom line, Texas beat a good Oklahoma team and looks to have made significant improvement since that game.

The Longhorns have improved so much, in fact, that they could be the best team in the country.

Of course, many will disagree with that. Some just do it in more colorful ways than others.

I’ve often compared SEC football fans to a beautiful woman who’s painfully insecure: No matter how many times she’s told she’s beautiful, it’s never enough. She needs constant validation. And if you have the audacity to say someone else is beautiful, too, she throws a tantrum, slings dishes and slashes your tires.