The Clarion Ledger today featured a piece on Rep. Angela Cockerham, a Democrat in the Mississippi House. The feature was generally geared towards the fact that she has voted with House Republican Leadership on some key issues over the years. She also has a committee chairmanship, one of two Democrats in the House to do so. She also earned a “B” grade in the most recent annual BIPEC legislative report card, which is a pretty high (pro-business) score for a House Democrat.

Instead of lifting up a leader in their own party (one of the few they have), the Democrats’ long knives started to come out (and of course the Clarion Ledger angle was to amplify).

State Democratic Party Chairman Bobby Moak, a former longtime member of the House, said he wouldn’t have voted the way Cockerham voted on some issues but that it is her prerogative to vote as she chooses . . . “Folks can vote the way they want to, but they will have to answer for their votes,” Moak said. “You will get the opportunity to defend your record.”

Translation? They’re going to primary her in 2019 if they can. And then

Rep. Sonya Williams-Barnes, D-Gulfport, who chairs the Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus, said Cockerham’s voting pattern has come up from time to time in conversation by some members of the Black Caucus.

Translation? She’s not really one of us.

Then, Anna Wolfe of the Clarion Ledger chimed in on Twitter.

I’m sure Anna gives a huge rip about how Angela Cockerham’s constituents feel. You can just tell the concern emanating from her tweet.

This is all an exercise in identity politics and hi-jacking the media into tarnshing “otherism”. And it’s utterly predictable about who’s following along and piling on.