Maj. in Miss. – Friday Ramblings with Robert

Ahh… the end of another week and time for some opinions on this weeks big news.

Nunnelee Has Somebody Scared

We all by now have heard about the Fire Allen Nunnelee website. I’m not going to recap all the hairy and shady details that Brett wrote about yesterday, but there is definitely something strange with the whole situation.

Sam Hall has publicly declared on this blog that he is not behind it and I think we might can take him at his word for that, but I have a feeling (Disclosure: I am not accusing Mr. Hall of actually knowing who is behind it) that he may know who is behind it or could very easily find out. I mean let’s not forget that he is the ED of the MDP and he should know people.

When it comes down to it all this site suggest voters in Lee and Pontotoc county should not re-elect Nunnelee in 2011. To be honest with you I hope they are right because by then hopefully he will be a Congressman. The site uses 3 issues to suggest why Nunnelee can’t be trusted 2 of which are 5 and 6 years old respectively, which means somebody really was grasping for straws when putting this all together. My opinion is that this is mainly to attack Nunnelee for his Congressional run and has nothing to do with his work in Jackson. Travis Childers has seen the writing on the wall and his peeps are scared and worried.

When You Lose Just Sue

Earlier this week Jim Hood, Billy McCoy and Johnny Stringer decided to sue Governor Haley Barbour over one of his recent vetoes. It is something Jim Hood knows all to well and hell why not do it if you can’t force the governor to think your way. I’m not real sure that this lawsuit will really accomplish anything or serve any good purpose other than to waste more taxpayer money. It seems Jim Hood is really trying hard to put himself in the spotlight and get some attention for possibly running for a higher office. I mean let’s face it Hood is the King of Statewide Elected Democrats, mainly because he is unopposed for the title, and he must feel inclined to carry the banner for the party, but I’m just not sure suing the Governor is the way to go about it.

Majority in Mississippi