Maj. in Miss. – Will GOP victories impact Childers-Nunnelee race?

I spent considerable amount of time thinking about what last night’s election may mean for 2010- specifically the race in Mississippi’s First District. While it is difficult to make any comparisons between states, Southwestern Virginia is home to many largely white, rural districts similar to MS-01. Here is a map to see who they supported last night (hint: it wasn’t Creigh Deeds).

Shortly after the race, GOP Whip Eric Cantor made this statement: “This is a shot across the bow to the moderates and Blue Dog Democrats as they decide votes on health care (and other issues).”

I could see that being true, and I imagine some Blue Dogs in competitive districts may sense the turning tide. The moderates and Independents who liked Obama in 2008 are now looking elsewhere.

Majority in Mississippi