A Look At Senior House Members

Earlier today we talked about the proposed rule change that will alter the makeup of two of the most power committees in the House- Appropriations and Ways and Means. Instead of calling for the Speaker to appoint six members from the five old Congressional districts based on seniority, they would now use the new Congressional districts, still with six members each. The Speaker’s at large appointments would now increase from three to nine under the proposed rules. The total number of members would remain at 33 each, with no one serving on both.

I know a seniority list is going around the capitol, but without that benefit I have a rough look at that list, based on Congressional districts using all members elected in 2007 or before. Again, this isn’t exact and you have many members whose districts cross Congressional districts. For this, I tried to use the member’s hometown as the basis for the district that they were put in.

Majority in Mississippi