Democratic Candidates In MS-01 & MS-04?

A lot of the talk concerning the House races next fall involves the primaries. Henry Ross and potentially others are looking to unseat Alan Nunnelee. Heather McTeer is taking on Bennie Thompson. And we already have one challenger to Steven Palazzo, but more wouldn’t surprise me.

The qualifying deadline for those wanting to run is January 13. Beyond potential primaries to Republican freshmen in MS-01 and MS-04, I wouldn’t be surprised to see fairly serious Democratic challengers in the general election. After all, they both went Republican just a year ago so they have shown a certain independent streak.

Regardless of who carries the Republican banner in MS-04, and Palazzo still has to be the favorite at this point, the biggest name Democrats can get is Gene Taylor and that would certainly be a coup putting this race probably close to toss-up territory when it begins. Of course, Taylor would still have to answer for being a Democrat. His popularity only carried him so far in 2010, but perhaps voters have changed their minds.

Majority in Mississippi