MAJORITY – More Details On The New Maps

We talked about some of the changes to the Jackson area under the new Congressional maps drawn by a panel of federal judges earlier. Basically, Gregg Harper will pick up Voting Districts 1, 5, 15, and 47 while 46 and 79 are headed to MS-02 and Bennie Thompson. VTD 15 fits in with the Republican leanings of MS-03 but the other three are South of the traditional North Jackson base of MS-03 and include VTD 47 which is more than 80 percent black and gave Obama 93 percent of the vote. It won’t make a difference on Election Day, but was interesting in that not all moves lined up with the respective districts.

Here is what else these moves mean: The state capitol and governor’s mansion will now be represented by Harper rather than Thompson who previously had that territory. But Harper is now reaching into downtown and toward I-20 in Hinds county. He isn’t even that far from Jackson State now.

Majority in Mississippi