MSGOP Offers Comments On Redistricting

In speaking with a source close to the Mississippi Republican Party, he indicated that the party’s position is not really different from that of Delbert Hosemann and the Tea Party who have made separate filings in court, and argued they are all on the same page. He stated there has been misunderstanding in the conservative community due to lack of communications and the rapid development of the court proceedings.

Some background: He argued the GOP didn’t want to go to court, but was only brought into it because of the NAACP lawsuit (my comment: the NAACP was working in coordination with the Mississippi Democratic Party on that) before the session ended. But since they were in the courts, they took the position that the courts should draw fair maps, which would give the GOP a legitimate shot at winning a majority in the House versus the Reynolds map option which is favorable to the Democratic majority.

He also stated that the GOP has no problem with the Hosemann/ Tea Party argument of running under the old lines this year and drawing new lines next year as the Constitution permits. Basically, the GOP had an ‘either/ or’ position.

Majority in MS