MSRTL Releases Endorsements & Grades

“There have been questions about how the different designations of Endorsed and Recommended are used. Although there is a more complicated explanation, the simple one is that an incumbent with a 100% voting record (of the bills we scored) and a100% questionnaire will get an endorsement. If the incumbent has 100% on either one but not on the other, they can get a recommendation. For the non-incumbent with 100% on the questions they can get a recommendation. These rules went into effect four years ago after that election when the PAC wanted to have a way to show more diverse information. A number of the pro-life legislators did not send in their questionnaires so if you don’t see a name here, it does not mean they are not pro-life. Also remember there are a few legislators who say they are pro-life but don’t vote that way.”

Majority in MS