Rundown Of Yesterday’s Special Election

Senate District Six. As we were watching the numbers last night, the main drama was if Nancy Collins could stay above the 50 percent needed to avoid a runoff. It looks like she did that. As of right now, she is barely above that mark. She has 3,282 votes to 3,260 for the rest of the field. Doug Wright finished second, and would join her in a runoff if a few votes changed ways, and he has yet to formally concede.

Collins and Wright are both Republicans.

House District 116. The drama in this race was who would join Casey Eure in a runoff. Eure led the field with 34 percent yesterday. Finishing second was Jim Atchison who received 461 votes. Chuck Stein just missed the runoff receiving 423 votes.

Similar to North Mississippi, this will be an all Republican runoff.

Majority in MS