Some Democrats have yet to qualify for 2011 elections

– All Republicans have announced their plans (either to run for re-election, retire, or run for higher office) except for Billy Nicholson and Frank Hamilton. Nicholson is one of six House Republicans to have changed parties since 2007. Both races have two Republican primary challengers without a Democrat to qualify for either.

– Still a lot of big names on the Democratic side who have not qualified: Speaker Billy McCoy, Warner McBride, Jack Gadd, Jeff Smith, Bennett Malone, Mary Ann Stevens, Bobby Moak, George Flaggs, Johnny Stringer, Dirk Dedeaux, Diane Peranich, and J.P. Compretta. And this is just a partial list.

– Jeff Smith is very interesting. I doubt anyone runs against him, but we are waiting to see what party he qualifies for re-election as. An independent run is very likely.

– So far, no Democrats have qualified to run against any of the six Republicans who have changed parties over the past few years.

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