Sunshine Legislation A Long Time Coming

In trying to squeeze every ounce out of Haley Barbour’s pardons for their political benefit, the Mississippi Democrats recently sent out a press release labeling legislation that would put limits on the attorney general when it comes out hiring outside counsel as retaliation against “the only statewide official who has taken action to protect Mississippians from Republican recklessness,” talking particularly about the pardons.

As I said, Democrats are trying to get everything out of this and that is understandable. Why else would a Public Service Commissioner, tasked with regulating utilities and telemarketers, be devoting so much time and energy to the subject? When the issue first came up, I didn’t instantly go to Lynn Posey for his opinion, but Brandon Presley has taken it upon himself to be seen and heard. But unfortunately for Democrats, Phil Bryant- who was dealt with this hand on his first day in office- has handled the issue smoothly and legislation will pass some time during this session limiting the governor’s ability to pardon, and my guess says it has 174 yes votes with it.

Majority in Mississippi