Tagert Wins; Can Desoto Win Regionally?

Since Butch Brown, the MDOT director who has stirred up plenty of controversy in the past, has announced his retirement for the end of June I imagine we’ll see little movement to replace him which we may have otherwise seen from the new Republican majority.

And while Tagert is guaranteed about 11 months in office, he is going to have to start campaigning once again to win a full four-year term this November. State Rep. Warner McBride (D-Courtland) had a strong showing three weeks ago in the first round just missing out on the runoff; he may run again but would have to give up his House seat to do so. Dennis Grisham, a longtime Tippah county supervisor, also had a strong showing. But unlike the special election, you will have to run on a party ballot in November (unless you run as an independent).

Nevertheless, Tagert’s time that he spends in office should give him incumbent protection, along with time to build his name ID, similar to Travis Childers and Roger Wicker in 2008.

But, as I said yesterday, this race would likely be seen as another east-west battle ala Travis Childers and Greg Davis. I haven’t seen specific county returns, but did read that Tagert won 23 of the 33 counties. Three weeks ago Tagert had won nine around the Golden Triangle while Caldwell won his home base of Desoto and neighboring Tate.

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