Majority – Voter ID doesn’t create disenfranchised voters

Voter identification has become quite an issue over the last few months as new Republican legislatures (or Democratic in the case of Rhode Island) have been passing laws across the country. As a result, you have your typical liberal backlash from the likes of the New York Times, Washington Post, and the Associated Press. And on a local level, you have your Bill Minor’s. I imagine David Hampton and the Clarion-Ledger will weigh in shortly with a similar position. The emotional stories and the claims of disenfranchised voters, however, are all easily debunked. Here’s a look at the issue from the National Review. There is a reason voter ID laws have been upheld; because no matter what a newspaper editorial or the NAACP may say opponents have not been able to find disenfranchised voters.

Here is a look at voter turnout in Georgia (where voter ID in mandated) and Mississippi (where it obviously isn’t), via the Heritage Foundation:

Majority in Mississippi