With Steve Holland Voting For Gunn…

By virtue of being the choice of the Republican caucus for Speaker of the House, Philip Gunn has received titles such as Speaker-Designate or more simply Republican nominee. That is because he still needs to receive a majority of the 122-member chamber to officially receive the title.

But with news on Tuesday that Steve Holland will join George Flaggs in voting for Gunn, we might as well refer to Gunn as Speaker-elect. On the Gallo show Tuesday morning, Holland, one of the most vocal and liberal Democrats in the House, announced he would support the Republican nominee. Flaggs had made similar statements earlier, and confirmed his intention once again.

So here is what this means: any talk of a D-R coalition is out the window. There had been rumors that some Democrats had approached Reps. Jeff Smith and Herb Frierson, I am assuming separately, about such a coalition. I didn’t think something like this would be possible just because of the generally disorganization of the Democratic Party, but I have also heard that Gunn received confirmation from Smith and Frierson that nothing like this exists.

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