Alan Nunnelee, Grover Norquist, and the MS Democratic Party

Nunnelee’s statement also said, “I support their efforts to make taxes simpler flatter and lower.” Here is the pledge that House candidates/ incumbents sign, and here is what Nunnelee signed as a member of the legislature.

ATR calls it a “written promise by legislators and candidates for office that commits them to oppose any effort to increase income taxes on individuals and businesses.”

The Mississippi Democratic Party didn’t think much of the pledge, or ATR in general, and issued this statement: “As Alan Nunnelee flew up to Washington this week, Mississippi families can see that he was signing away their jobs overseas. In this economy, families are rightly worried that their job could be the next one to be shipped overseas, yet that doesn’t stop Alan Nunnelee from rewarding companies that profit by outsourcing Mississippi jobs. Alan Nunnelee might think that standing up for Wall Street and Washington special interest by protecting tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas reflects Mississippi values, but the voters of Mississippi know better.”

Interestingly, I went scrolling through the list of signers from the 111th Congress which included 172 Representatives and 33 Senators. One of the signers on the House side was Rep. Gene Taylor. Taylor is, of course, a Democrat. I then looked further at the list of signers in the state legislature. This list includes George Flaggs, Bennett Malone, Bobby Moak, Johnny Stringer, and Joseph Warren- all Democrats.

Majority in Miss.