First Quarter Fundraising Notebook

MS-01: Travis Childers is certainly in re-election gear as he builds up the campaign warchest. By raising over $220,000 and spending around just $70,000, he now is sitting pretty with about $700,000 cash on hand. For this quarter, Childers contributions were broken up about 50/50 between individuals and PACs. For this cycle, 58 percent of Childers contributions are from PACs.

MS-01: Alan Nunnelee’s fundraising total for the quarter- about $150,000- is not exactly disappointing but the fact that he was unable to bank anything has given Childers a big leg up in the fundraising game. Nunnelee spent about $155,000 this quarter. This wasn’t spent on anything unusual (consultants, mailings, events, etc.); there was just a lot of it. Nunnelee is going to have to spend money to raise his name ID, something that Childers does not have to. (I will talk more about this later).

MS-01: Comparing fundraising from individual contributors only, this election cycle Nunnelee has actually taken in more money than Childers ($528,000 to $439,000). Childers, however, has received more than $600,000 from PACs (compared to $43,000 for Nunnelee).

MS-01: Henry Ross’ $110,000 this quarter was supplemented by his own campaign. He made a $50,000 loan to the campaign, along with a candidate contribution of $25,000 (Note: If someone with more knowledge of the FEC would like to explain the difference between making a candidate contribution to a campaign and a loan to a campaign, please explain). Individual contributions totaled about $35,000 to Ross. That said, $96,000 COH is a pretty healthy chunk of change.

MS-01: Angela McGlowan also helped out her campaign. She contributed $12,000 which is about half of what she raised ($24,488). After spending about $22,000, she has around $15,000 right now. Considering the national profile thanks to FoxNews and the Tea Party; she raised less than Ross who has received a fraction of the press she has.

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