Gene Taylor Gears Up Re-Election Campaign

Rep. Gene Taylor spoke with the Sun Herald on Monday about several issues, including the upcoming campaign with state Rep. Steven Palazzo. Here are some of the highlights from that piece:

– Taylor said his “20 years of campaigning and getting to know voters” who make up MS-04 would give him the edge over Palazzo.

– Taylor said he believes the low turnout in last week’s primary shows a lack of interest on the Republican side: “The fact that very few people, even in the winner’s home box, took the time to vote… I do take that as a good sign. If I had seen 100,000 people vote in the Republican primary, I would have looked at this thing differently than 25,000 people.”

– Taylor made a couple notes on the name ID factor, which he obviously has a big lead on over Palazzo at this point.

– Taylor did, however, add that he wasn’t taking the race lightly: “I have never taken anything for granted and won’t take anything for granted this time.”

Majority in Miss.