Majority In Miss – Americans for Tax Reform Doesn’t Think Much of Cigarette Tax Hike

The anti-tax organization released this statement yesterday in reaction to the state House and Senate overwhelmingly voting to increase cigarette taxes last week.

They also had this to say about legislators who have previously signed a pledge to not raise taxes, but voted for the increase:

ATR commends the following Taxpayer Protection Pledge signers who upheld their committment to their constituents by voting against this tax hike: Representative Larry Baker, Representative William Denny Jr., Representative Mark Formby, Representative Stephen Horne, Representative William W. Janus, Representative John Moore, Representative Billy Pigott, and Senator Lee Yancy.

Sadly, the following Pledge signers broke their promise to constituents by voting for the tax increase: Representative Richard Bennett, Representative Gary A. Chism, Representative Bobby B.. Howell, Representative Bennett Malone, Representative Rita Martinson, Representative Bobby Moak, Representative Alex Monsour, Representative Ray Rogers, Representative Johnny Stringer, Representative Jessica Upshaw, Representative Joseph L. Warren, Senator Sidney Albritton, Senator Billy Hudson, Senator Tom King, Senator Dean Kirby, and Senator Alan Nunnelee.

Majority In Mississippi