No 2011 Announcements To Be Made At Neshoba

There is no question Dave Dennis is running for governor. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that ‘Dave Dennis for Governor’ signs were posted throughout the fairgrounds in Neshoba. As you can see in the image below (left), under the tagline is his campaign website: Very logical url. However, it looks like the signs are ready before the website. We’ll keep you posted on when a website does get released.

But for a campaign sign that won’t give you any indications of what an individual is thinking, above (right) is an example of the Stacey Pickering signs that were present at the fair. Based of his 2007 signs, they simply have no indication of office- Auditor or otherwise. And like his sign, Pickering gave no indication of what he plans on doing next year.

Pickering wasn’t the only who failed to disclose plans. Phil Bryant, a presumed gubernatorial candidate, didn’t make any announcement. Delbert Hosemann, a possible gubernatorial candidate, also stayed quiet about future plans. Tate Reeves, a likely candidate for lieutenant governor, didn’t reveal any plans either. And for a true wild card, Supreme Court Chief Justice Bill Waller, Jr. – a possible gubernatorial candidate (although we are unsure if he’d run as a Democrat or a Republican)- had no news to share about 2011.

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